photo courtesy of: Cross B Photography

photo courtesy of: Cross B Photography

Jaime and Ashley were married in August of 2008. They welcomed their first son Stone Everett in June of 2010.  Two years later Sailor Hazen was welcomed by her older brother Stone.  They were both raised in the cutting horse industry and have a passion and a love for the sport.

Jaime Snider is a cutting horse trainer that grew up in Colorado. He is a great aged-event cutting horse trainer, as well as great working with non-professional cutters. Jaime has won many large aged-event as well as great help in the show pen.

Ashley grew up in Idaho, the daughter of a cutting horse trainer. Ashley is a multiple aged-event Non-Pro Champion and has many championships under her belt.

Jaime and Ashley recently moved to Lipan, Texas where they currently own and operate Snider Cutting Horses.

17869 N. FM 1189 | LIPAN | TX | 76462 | 303.807.4550