"Cimarron Trailers not only builds incredible trailers, they are an incredible company.  Always evolving and pushing the trailer industry further.  The first trailer manufacturer to incorporate air ride to make the trailer ride for your horses and livestock the best it can be." 

- Jaime Snider


Reputation, Innovation, and Constant Evolution are the benchmarks that make Cimarron Trailers legendary.  For over twelve years, our reputation for strength, comfort, and safety redefined what makes a quality trailer.  We have been dedicated to building trailers that are better by design through continuous product evaluation and innovation.  Each Cimarron Trailer features our interlocking floor system with crossmembers on 4″ centers which are the strongest in the industry, our tubular side posts which are up to 60% stronger than side posts available on other trailers, and our massive doors.  Our trailers are built to withstand tough conditions and keep your horse safe for the long haul.  We also know the importance of keeping your horse comfortable in transit.  That’s why we’ve developed our Comfort By Design system that is made up of ingenious features to promote a quiet stall area and comfortable temperature, like our VHB attached side sheets and our insulated roof material.  Cimarron also prides ourselves on listening to our customers so we can meet their changing needs.  Our product line continues to evolve to include new products and features each year.

“I have been wearing Cinch Jeans since 1996 and their is no other denim company that can compare in this industry.  Cinch shirts are incredible and have long tails and sleeves which is an attribute that is hard to find.”

- Jaime Snider

In 1996, Cinch was created as a premium western brand that complemented an active lifestyle, with great fit, quality and styling. Very soon after introduction, some of the best rodeo, bull riding and equine athletes in the world began to discover and wear the brand, joining in the effort to lead in superiority. Since that time, Cinch Jeans has been innovating lifestyle-specific jeans, fashion-forward denim, woven tops, knit tops, outerwear and accessories. Cinch brings mainstream fashion and trends to the consumer while maintaining a fashion basic line that meets the technical needs of a western lifestyle.

"We have known how incredible Transwest is for a very long time, but after working with them on building our brand new Cimarron Trailer, we now know that they are the most knowledgable dealership when it comes to making sure we have what we will need in our trailer."


- Jaime Snider

At Transwest it is our goal to get you on the road & keep you there. Offering sales, parts, service & finance for trucks, trailers and rv's Transwest is the best in the business.  They stock a huge selection of parts for horse & livestock trailers. Transmits has exceptional expertise in horse & livestock repair and incredible knowledge when ensuring their customers purchase the right trailer for their equine or livestock lifestyle.

“There is no other equine legwear in the world that can compete with Classic Equine. With their wide variety of equine products there is no other company I need to use.”

-  Jaime Snider

In 1995, Classic Equine began by specializing in high quality saddle pads and quickly expanded with more product lines offering the same attention to quality and durability. The current product offering now includes protective boots, cinches, bits, spurs, winter blankets and sheets, and accessories. Classic Equine has always worked closely with professional men and women from all disciplines of the western industry to test and perfect each product during development. Because the company was founded and developed by professionals, the form and function of each product serves a specific purpose. The driving purpose of Classic Equine has always been to offer the highest quality products available, keeping the performance horse’s safety and well-being first and foremost in mind.

“Purina carries a wide variety of feed, from young horses to seniors.  Sly Chance, which has carried my wife to several titles lives on Equine Senior. We owe it all to Purina.”

-  Jaime Snider

A leader in equine research and feed development, Purina has formulas for feeding an athlete, a senior, breeding and young horses or an entire stable. A name you can trust. A difference you can see.

Purina  horse feeds deliver consistent, superior quality that helps keep your horse looking great. That’s because no other feed company spends the time and effort researching feeds like Purina, where new products or improvements to existing feeds are only brought to market when they have repeatedly proven themselves to deliver what you expect. When you buy Purina feeds you’ll will have the peace of mind that you are doing the best for your horse. Purina Mills. The leader in equine nutrition for over 100 years.

“The supplements from MVP help my horses in the show pen and after they are finished in the show pen. They have a great selection of supplements, you don’t need to go anywhere else.”

-Jaime Snider

The MVP label is your guarantee of the highest quality equine nutraceuticals available in the industry.  We realize that there are many variables involved in selecting the right supplements to complement your nutrition program for your horse. At MVP, we stand behind our products and take pride in making that decision easier for you and your horses.

"Cowtrac is the best built, quietest machine on the  market, while also being affordable, you can't beat it."

-Jaime Snider

Cowtrac is the ultimate mechanical cow, with state-of-the-art technology that doesn't require heaters or climate controls.  Cowtrac is equipped with industrial strength motors, and has been proven to survive under the harshest conditions.  Although it is the highest rated system on the market, it is also the least expensive.  With a compact digital remote, it is extremely responsive, while being smooth and quiet. You can select your stop, soft, medium or hard and it has BUMP technology, that gives it remote speed setting ability. 

"From managing our social media, to creating all of our graphics, our website and anything else we need including banners or apparel, Spotted Donkey is here for us. Always ready and willing to help with what we need and in a timely manner."

-Jaime Snider

Founded with a small town feel and a big city attitude.  Spotted Donkey is here to be a part of your family.  The founder of Spotted Donkey loves helping people grow their brands, because she knows how important it is.   Spotted Donkey is a graphic, print and web design (plus much more!) company based in Lipan, TX with a strong focus on helping people grow brands.  While we are based in Texas, our clients are located throughout the United States.  We pride ourselves in awesome design, amazing customer service and our timely communication with our clients.  At Spotted Donkey, we ensure that each project and client gets the attention that they deserve.  


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